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Rugman Art

La Dore You1/1

La Dore You1/1

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These pieces have really helped my mental health and also been my mantra the last 7 weeks.

Each piece is 1/1 as they are all made by hand and painted in many different t variations.

It’s best to move forward and never look back.

Using the finest and thickest water colour paper which is 450gsm and hand made. This thickness means I can use heavy opaque paints and glosses to get the saturated colours I am looking for. 

each piece vary in size but generally between 50cm x 45cm or there abouts. Please not you’re buying a hand made piece and they will vary from each piece on the images provided.

signed and marked 1/1 this is an original piece which will come with an COA and thump printed too.

these are always unique pieces due to the way they are created


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